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Salford City Council is currently consulting upon its Local Plan

“Salford City Council is currently consulting upon its Local Plan. This is the ‘Regulation 19’ stage of consultation, and is the last stage before the Council submits the plan to the Secretary of State for examination. Although the Salford Local Plan defers the issue of site allocations and Green Belt release to the emerging Greater Manchester Spatial Framework, it identifies areas for protection (such as Chat Moss, Irwell Valley and the West Salford Greenway) and sets out important development management policies, including in relation to matters such as housing densities and affordable housing.

The deadline for representations is 20 February 2020. If you wish to speak to a consultant to discuss your options or to instruct us to make representations, please do not hesitate to contact John Coxon on 01625 433 881.”

17 Feb, 20