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North Essex Authorities’ Section 1 Plan

Emery Planning are attending the re-convened examination hearing sessions into the North Essex Authorities’ Section 1 Plan on behalf of the Williams Group who have land interests around Braintree. The Section 1 Plan covers Braintree, Colchester and Tendring and under transitional arrangements is being examined under the 2012 Framework. It proposes three garden communities at west of Braintree for up to 10,000 new homes, Colchester-Braintree Borders for up to 24,000 homes and Tendring-Colchester Borders for up to 9,000 new homes. The authorities consider all three garden communities will start to deliver within the current plan period to 2033 and beyond. The initial examination hearing sessions took place in January 2018. However, in his letter of June 2018, the Inspector concluded that significant further work was required to support the inclusion of the three garden communities. The re-convened hearing sessions are being held between 14th and 30th January 2020 to consider the further evidence the authorities have prepared since June 2018 to support the three garden communities. The hearing sessions that Emery Planning will be attending include build-out rates, employment need, sustainability appraisal and transport and infrastructure.

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