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Land off Victoria Road, Horwich, Bolton

02 Nov, 17

For information – This application has now been submitted, so any comments should be referred directly to the council. Thank you.

Emery Planning will shortly be submitting an outline planning application on behalf of Peel Investments (North) Ltd for residential development on land off Victoria Road, Howich. The land currently forms Horwich Golf Club and adjacent agricultural land.

Emery Planning has worked closely with Peel Investments (North) Ltd and Randall Thorp (landscape architects) to create a high quality scheme which will help to meet the increasing demands within the area for family housing, including much needed affordable housing.

This website provides details of the proposed development and seeks comments from the local community. This is an opportunity for you to provide us with your views and ideas to help us form the final scheme, before a planning application is submitted to the Council.

Location Plan

For information – This application has now been submitted, so any comments should be referred directly to the council. Thank you.

The site lies to the south-east of Horwich town centre, on the north-east side of Victoria Road. It adjoins predominantly existing residential development on three sides to the north-west, south-west and south-east. Two fields presently used for agriculture (grazing) adjoin the site to the north-east. Lever Park school also adjoins the site to the north-west, and St John’s Methodist Church to the southwest.

The site is in a sustainable location, with good connections to both the local highway and public transport networks. It also benefits from access to the neighbouring shops and services provided within Horwich town centre to the north-west, and Middlebrook to the south, making this a suitable location for new housing.

In planning policy terms, the site is allocated within the Bolton Council’s Allocations Plan as “Other Protected Open Land”. Protected Open Land is identified in the Local Plan as countryside that could be appropriate for development in the future. None of the site is allocated as Green Belt.

The site covers approximately 18 hectares of land, the majority of which is currently in use by Horwich Golf Club. The course is tree lined and there are a number of trees along the boundary of the site and a wooded area within the site.

In addition to the 9-hole golf course there is a club house, car parking and ancillary storage buildings within the site. The golf club is accessible to members only; therefore there is no public access to this area with the exception of via the public rights of way that run along the perimeter of the site boundary.

Why do we need new housing?

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) states at paragraph 47 states that to boost significantly the supply of housing, local planning authorities should identify and update annually a supply of specific deliverable sites sufficient to provide five years of housing against their housing requirements with an additional buffer of 5%. Where there has been a record of persistent under delivery of housing, local planning authorities should increase the buffer to 20%.

It has been demonstrated and accepted by the council that it is currently unable to provide sufficient housing to meet its targets. There is significantly less than the required five year supply of housing. As such, new housing sites like this are required to meet the housing needs of the borough.

Location Plan
Location Plan
Site Context
Site Context
Key for site context plan (above)
Key for site context plan (above)

For information – This application has now been submitted, so any comments should be referred directly to the council. Thank you.

The Proposal

The proposal will consist of an outline planning application for residential development. The site could deliver in the region of 300 homes. It is envisaged that the majority of the new houses would be a mixture of 3 or 4 bedrooms homes, with potentially some smaller 2 bedroom and larger 5 bedroom properties. 35% of the properties would be provided as affordable homes in line with the Council’s requirements.

Outline planning permission allows for a decision on the general principles of how a site can be developed. In this instance that means establishing whether or not residential development is acceptable in this location. The details of the proposed accesses to the site off the primary vehicular access to the site would be taken from Victoria Road, in a location similar to that of the existing access to the golf club.

The primary vehicular access to the site would be taken from Victoria Road, with two further accesses provided from Bond Close and Mayfair, on the north and west boundaries of the site. Alterations will be made to the access off Victoria Road to provide a suitable access into the site to an acceptable standard.

There will be also access from the adjacent residential areas via Bond Close and Mayfair.

At this stage, the outline application proposed would only seek to address the means of access in detail, meaning that the Council would still need to agree full details of the layout, landscaping, scale and appearance elements, at a later date before development could commence on site in future.

The Design Principles

The site offers significant opportunities to create an attractive and sustainably designed residential development which integrates well with existing facilities and the surrounding area.

To assist with the integration, the following measures are proposed:

  • The retention of existing trees woodland, vegetation, ditches and water bodies to shape the development layout;
  • Nellie’s Clough will be protected and enhanced;
  • The retention of existing Public Rights of Way (PROW) within green corridors and the creation of a multi-functional green space network which strengthens existing PROW routes; and
  • The creation of new off-road footpath routes, which link to and enhance the existing PROW network providing new public access to the area.

As can be seen from the draft master plan, there would be substantial landscape buffers between existing and proposed residential development to the north, south-east and south-west. Existing properties would not be detrimentally affected by overlooking, overshadowing, noise and disturbance resulting from the proposed development.

Constraints and Opportunities Plan
Constraints and Opportunities Plan
Vehicular movement plan
Vehicular movement plan
Master Plan
Master Plan

For information – This application has now been submitted, so any comments should be referred directly to the council. Thank you.

The proposed development would result in a number of benefits for the local community. These would include:

Economic Benefits

  • The creation of jobs on-site and within the supply chain during the construction phase;
  • An increase in local spending from new residents in the local area, contributing to maintaining existing shops, services and facilities;
  • Ensuring that the Borough has sufficient housing to meet future jobs growth; and
  • An increase in council tax revenues in perpetuity;

Social Benefits

  • Providing much needed housing, delivering good quality family housing, widening opportunities for home ownership and creating sustainable, mixed communities;
  • Delivery of affordable housing for which there is a very significant local need, 35% of housing will be affordable housing as part of the proposals;
  • The golf course is currently only accessible by members. The proposed redevelopment would enable greater access to and through the locality by all. Existing Public Rights of Way will be retained and enhanced via integration with new routes through the site;
  • Planning contributions towards improvements in health and well-being services, in line with Bolton Council’s requirements;
  • Planning contributions towards improvements in education, in line with Bolton Council’s requirements; and
  • Planning contributions towards open space provision and maintenance, in line with Bolton Council’s requirements.

Environmental Benefits

  • Sustainable development in a location which is accessible by car, bus and train, as well as to walkers and cyclists;
  • The proximity of the site to local shops and services should reduce the reliance on the private car, and encourage healthy travel choices;
  • Existing hedgerows and trees on the boundaries of the site and throughout the site will be largely retained and additional landscaping will be provided throughout;and
  • The site is not within the Green Belt.
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